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Excel & Python:
Best of both Worlds

Even though Microsoft Excel is probably the single most used tool in finance and many other industries, it fails to provide a programming language suitable for quantitative problem solving: Our popular open-source solution xlwings allows you to replace VBA with Python, an easy yet powerful programming language that comes with a wide toolset for scientific computing. Learn more »

Realtime Web Apps

Web applications are the easiest way to deploy applications without headaches. However, there is a big gap between a simple homepage and a fully featured web application for realtime collaboration. We have experience in building collaborative realtime applications based on the latest technology. Get the feel of a desktop app delivered directly to your browser. Learn more »

Interactive Brokers: Web solutions

Even though Interactive Brokers offers their API to many programming languages, building web applications on top of it is not straightforward. We have experience in connecting to Interactive Brokers from web apps in various ways and can therefore help you build your very own web based trading platform. Note that we’re not affiliated with Interactive Brokers in any way. Learn more »