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We are Python & Finance experts and have specialized in building customized web based systems that integrate into your existing infrastructure like Bloomberg or databases.

Bloomberg Automation

We are specialists in automating the various Bloomberg services via BLPAPI and Python including Bloomberg Terminal, Bloomberg EMSX, Bloomberg AIM, Bloomberg B-PIPE, Bloomberg Data License etc. With our solutions, you get secure real-time access to your trades and data via web browser. You can check your performance and trades from wherever you are on your mobile phone. Learn more »

Experts in Finance

We have a background in finance with a combined experience of 25 years in the industry. Our team consists of an ex quant trader from an investment bank and a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) with experience in the asset management industry. Understanding the financial domain allows us to write software systems that don’t break as soon as they need to be extended. Learn more »

Technology driven

We are a small boutique but have an expert for every aspect in the software development process: This includes backend development (Python and Celery), frontend development (Vue.js and other frameworks) and a modern and fully automated build, test and deployment process based on Docker and Continuous Integration/Deployment pipelines. Learn more »