About Us

Zoomer Analytics is an independent IT consulting company based in Zürich, Switzerland. It has been founded out of the frustration of how most traditional firms misuse software like Excel and MATLAB® to build complex analytical tools. We believe you should rather spend your money on the creation of applications that solve actual business problems than on license costs and other inefficiencies typically caused by these tools.

Thanks to our agile team with zero overhead, we are able to deliver solutions from prototypes to productive systems in less time and for a fraction of the costs when compared to more traditional approaches often seen in the world of corporate IT. Our core competence is the implementation of applications for quantitative finance based on the Python programming language.


Felix Zumstein, CFA Partner

Felix is Partner at Zoomer Analytics. Previously, he was a director at UBS Global Asset Management in Zurich where he was responsible for building an in-house system to analyze and optimize the strategic asset allocation of institutional and private clients. He holds a Master’s degree in Finance and Economics from the University of St.Gallen and is a CFA charterholder.

Björn Stiel Partner

Bjoern is Partner at Zoomer Analytics. Previously, he worked as a developer at UBS Investment Bank in London before he became a commodities trader and quant analyst. At UBS, he was responsible for building the risk management platform for the UBS CMCI commodity index and building custom commodity trading strategies. Bjoern holds a Master's degree in Economics from the Freie Universitaet Berlin and a Master's degree in Financial Engineering from Birkbeck College, University of London.


Web based Trading Platform

For a Swiss Family Office, we have created a real-time web based trading platform. The solution was built from scratch following the client's specifications regarding technical indicators and connects to Interactive Brokers for data feed and trade execution.
Technologies: Python, angular.js, socket.io

Portfolio Construction Tool

For a Swiss pension fund, we created a tool for portfolio construction based on the Black-Litterman approach, mean-variance optimization and proprietary algorithms developed by the client.
Technologies: Python, Excel, xlwings.