We provide the missing tools for Microsoft Excel

Program Excel with Python

Since its initial launch in March 2014, xlwings has quickly become the standard for Excel automation and programming from and with Python. Except for User Defined Functions (UDFs), it’s completely cross-platform, i.e. it works on Windows and macOS. It’s free and open-source with a permissive BSD license and is included in the base installer of Anaconda, the biggest scientific Python distribution. For details see xlwings.org.

Version control for Excel

xltrail is a version control system designed and purpose-built for Excel. It shows you who changed what and when, making it easy to work on the same workbooks as your teammates. xltrail is available as on premise installation. The core of xltrail is its best in class change viewer that shows visually what changed in which cells. It also works with VBA code, allowing you to view code changes as you are used to from diffing code on systems like GitHub. For details see xltrail.com.